Saturday, March 6, 2010

Vermont Patient Network


  Vermont Patient Network is a non-profit group of individuals dedicated to serving those on Vermont’s Medical Marijuana Registry. It is our intent to empower those Patients and Caregivers on Vermont’s Registry.

Through the creation of a private all volunteer database of Vermont Patients and Caregivers, VPN hopes to help connect Patients with Patients and Caregivers with Caregivers. Support of Vermont’s Medical Marijuana Registry and those it serves are primary to our mission. 

We are a group of primarily patients helping other registered patients, caregivers and private citizenry.  Recently Bill S.266 was brought before the Senate. Multiple days of testifying before the Senate given on behalf of both proponents and those against Bill S.226. A Medical Marijuana Dispensary Bill, S.226 was introduced to compliment the already existing Vermont Medical Marijuana Registry, by creating up to five dispensaries throughout  Vermont. This measure would allot safe access for those on Vermont’s Medical Marijuana Registry.

This one action…safe access…is paramount to care of those on Vermont’s Registry. Many on Vermont’s Registry are to sick to cultivate their own medicine or lack the knowledge and or money required to undertake such an endeavor. Often our caretakers are our spouses, again leaving us as Patients and Caregivers on Vermont’s Registry left to use '”illicit”, “street supply” medication. The creation of dispensaries would allow dignity and allot safe access for those already struggling with life altering illness and debilitating conditions.    

  VPN has many goals, aside from assisting patients in communicating with other patients and depending on the outcome of Bill S.226 VPN and our services will inevitably vary. Other services VPN hopes to offer range from information based curriculum to outreach to direct care services to both patients and caregivers on Vermont Medical Marijuana Registry. This is a new endeavor and the Vermont Patient Network needs your help, especially if you are currently on the Registry or a Doctor willing to be apart of the Vermont Medical Marijuana Registry Program and the Vermont Patient Network. VPN would keep a private data base of Doctors to match with prospective patients in accordance with any State laws.

To often I have been asked the following from very ill and chronic pain patients, “which doctor can I contact to establish new care and access to the Registry"?’ To this date we have no record of any such Doctors willing or open to the idea that medical marijuana is a valid course of treatment for patients living with the predefined conditions already set forth by the State of Vermont’s Registry. We would like to encourage any Doctors to step forward in all privacy to aid patients meeting these criteria and open to the idea of  using medical marijuana course of treatment for those fighting debilitating conditions.

My own story and how I became a patient on Vermont’s Medical Marijuana Registry are up incoming.

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