The personal story of how I became apart of Vermont's Registry

It was nearly 18 years ago that my life was forever changed. I was recently returned home from serving in the United States Navy, during Desert Storm having entered at 17 for two years I was at the time 19 years old. Ultimately the fine details are inconsequential. I intervened the kidnapping and attempted murder of another. In the process of this event I was shot, one of the bullets still in me today. I was told I was lucky to have lived, that I was so "fragile" I couldn't even be transported. I remember being basically connected to the bed via machines and tubes, unable to talk or move but for my head in the smallest of increments...and a Vermont State Police detective "H" said to me, "after this day every day of your life will be the easiest day of your life". I remember armed guards in my room, outside my room and the man who shot me had made bail before I was off the operating table. Since being shot, I have done many good things. I am a father, husband of 16 years, home-schooled my sons, re-enlisted in the Army, worked in the private sector...much has happened. The bullet now lodged next to my spine, pieces of the bullet known as "shrapnel" are in me and I have five compressed discs. The fist bullet entered my upper left chest,down into and out my left lung, stomach, spleen and pancreas ricocheting upward into my back.Since the initial injury, the bullet has moved, I have sought the best I could from Boston to Austin and back trying to get the bullet removed to no avail. I started pain management with Ibuprofen 800mg. while working full to not working to pain "patches" to narcotic pills to shots, to experimental treatment...and the pain is dulled but never gone. The trade off is that though my pain is dulled, my appetite is shot, sleep often impossible, and there are long term consequences to narcotic pain management. I was "re-introduced" to marijuana at a barbecue earlier in 2009, at the time in great pain, recently released from the hospital due to my back."Re-introduced", as yes I did experiment in HS and socially used in college) Upon use, I felt a "release" like a 400lb weight had been removed from my back. I also noticed a difference in how my mind perceived the pain, as well as a definite decrease of overall pain. I found also that my apatite returned, my ability to sleep increased and the depression that often comes with chronic pain also lessened greatly. This is a brief rundown on how medical marijuana has positively effected the quality of my life. I nearly died that night and live with the bullet every day and night. The life I do have was granted to me, as is my choice of how I best manage my pain. The use of Medical Cannabis for my pain and anxiety has simply prove to be a good course of treatment. Now I truly hope that Vermont allows Patients, people legally on the registry safe access through non-profit oriented dispensaries. Medicine for those that need it to live more productive, independent, better lives.
 I thank God for being alive, my sons and wife, my family and friends, my doctor,and all those who have helped me along the way. For those that want to know the entire story, my story was shown on A&E Channel through the Bio Channels "I Survived" Season 3, Episode 28 "Anne & Ian"
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Support Medical Marijuana, support intelligent thinking...

Ian R.