S.226 PASSES 3:2 in Vermont Senate, but still is not law!

Vermont Senate Bill S.226, a bill that would enable safe access to medicine for those on the Vermont Medical Marijuana Registry through the creation of dispensaries passed in a vote winning 3:2. Bill S.226 proposes that five medical marijuana dispensaries be strategically located and operational State wide to meet the needs of Vermont's already blossoming community already apart of Vermont's Medical Marijuana Registry Program. This bill would allow safe access to those current with the States Medical Marijuana Registry Program. Though Vermont does have a Medical Marijuana Registry with nearly 200 patients and caregivers, currently there is no way for either patient or caregiver to obtain medical grade marijuana. So, S.226 continues it's "political journey" towards it's passage...we pray!


  Vermont Patient Network needs DOCTORS that believe in the mountains of data regarding medical marijuana and it's medical benefits willing to evaluate potential patients wanting to be apart of Vermont's Medical Marijuana Registry. There are many people living with debilitating conditions that meet Vermont's registry requirements who wish to participate yet cannot. This is due to a lack of any formal list of physicians willing to treat patients living with chronic, debilitating and/or terminal conditions with medical cannabis. Many patients wanting to be on the registry cannot due to not having the necessary paperwork. In this case the "Bonafide Doctor/Patient Relationship" form needed to use medical cannabis within Vermont's guidelines. Physicians please know that we currently have 10 Vermonters living with chronic, debilitating, and or terminal conditions wanting to treat their conditions through the use of cannabis after years of "traditional care". One such case is that of a man with a liver disease that is incurable, taking many medications to combat his disease. On the registry for the last two years he is now being denied his paperwork on the premise that it was that medical clinics new policy to "not sign any medical marijuana registry forms for any patients". Regardless of the medical benefits gained from this patients cannabis use, regardless of being previously "signed off" by this same medical clinic for the past two years! Now, this patient is alone in his pain and sickness, unable to legally use the medication proven to be so helpful for the last two years. This patient did not break the registry guidelines nor did he not test positive for "contraband" medications or substances and the same clinic that had signed his registry form for the last two years will no longer due to "policy change"? No! This "new policy" is not in the name of medical care nor compassion, it is policy designed to trump what's best for the patient spawned from paranoia based on fear not fact. Doctors, please contact Vermont Patient Network to be apart of our Patient to Doctor Program. We need caring, compassionate professionals to be apart of other peoples healing here in Vermont for Vermonters. The Patient to Doctor program is designed to aid patients in finding health care professionals that believe in medical marijuana as being an appropriate medical treatment of certain illnesses for certain peoples.

Thank you everyone for your support, and congratulations to the Capital City in it's recent vote of support, a resounding win!

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  1. Patient and Disabled Veteran from CA looking for a fellow patient/roommate in VT. Here already. 714-943-8559


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