Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vermont Patient Network

Vermont Patient Network, a not for profit collective created by Patients for Patients on Vermont's Medical Marijuana Registry. The goal of educating and establishing relationships with Patients,CareGivers and the Public is paramount to us. Often those on Vermont's Medical Marijuana Registry are left alone, even with a caregiver. Many are either unable to grow or even obtain their medicine due to the simple fact that these people are the seriously I'll and disabled. It is crucial Vermont pass Bill S.226, Medical Marijuana Dispensary Bill presented February,2010. These Patients and Care Givers are our first priority. Ensuring safe, reliable access to practical information for those on the Vermont Medical Marijuana Registry. Through networking and sharing our experiences we may enable ourselves to make change despite the challenging conditions we endure both patients or those care-taking. Confidential support for those registered in Vermont and informational support for all. Seeking volunteers!

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  1. MARCH,11,2010
    S.226 Medical Marijuana Dispensary Bill now up for vote here in Vermont. The Bill, would allow safe access in the creation of (5) dispensaries, non-profit oriented throughout the State. These dispensaries would allow compassionate care for Patients on Vermont's already existing medical marijuana registry. Let's keep it up and hope for the best. Special thanks to for linking our small but growing Vermont Patient Network and, Nancy Lynch for giving me the opportunity to testify before the Senate on behalf S.226.


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